Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Roy Farran Error

Tom Segev continues with Roy Farran revelations:

In this column last week I wrote about a member of the British counterterror unit, Roy Farran, who allegedly murdered a member of the pre-state Lehi underground militia, Alexander Rubowitz, in May 1947. It seems Farran did not concentrate exclusively on rightist terror organizations. Israeli attorney Mati Atzmon claimed this week that in late February 1948, Farran detained three Haganah members who were manning the Israeli position at Mandelbaum Gate next to Jerusalem's Old City. According to Atzmon, Farran handed over the Haganah members to an Arab mob that murdered them. The crew's commander, Shimon Nissani, was Atzmon's uncle.

Segev got taken in. Perhaps the fact that Lechi might get some positive PR blinded him to the dates.

It was impossible for Farran do be personally involved as Farran left Mandate Palestine in October 1947 never to return.

Perhaps friends of his were involved as we know that British AWOLs were busy blowing up the editorial office and print shop of the Palestine Post, the Jewish Agency building and a car bomb in Ben Yehudah Street, Jerusalem which killed over 50.

By the way, this does not appear in the Hebrew edition. Perhaps he caught his mistake but the English went out as is.

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