Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring Back Prohibition!

Haaretz, true to form, is reporting hearsay from replacement soldiers that reservists marked their last night stationed in the southern Hebron Hills by damaging confiscated Palestinian vehicles:

Soldiers: Drunk reservists vandalized West Bank cars

The reserve battalion in question was stationed at a small base near the Shekef settlement, and spent three weeks in the south Hebron Hills. They were responsible primarily for patrolling the green line.

On their last night at the base, the reservists got drunk and vandalized some of the vehicles they had confiscated from Palestinian drivers, for transporting passengers who lacked permits to enter Israel, soldiers told Haaretz.

First of all, if true, this is terrible behavior and I can only hope that their alcoholic imbiding was at fault.

Second, I trust this will be investigated.

Oh, it will:

The Israel Defense Forces Spokesman's office said, "The force in question completed its operational engagement on Wednesday in a professional manner. The complaints were forwarded to the commanders. Once checks are complete, further steps will be decided upon."

Third, I wonder exactly how much damage was done.

Some soldiers broke windshields, ripped out mirrors and electronic equipment, and beat the cars with their weapons, the sources said. None of the soldiers present tried to stop the vandalism.

Haaretz used to report far-out left academics claiming that service in the territories induced physical abuse of husbands toward their wives, based on violence against Arabs is brought home.

I wonder what the new theory now is: lack of booze due to service in Islamic areas where drinks are prohibited leads to drunkeness?

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