Sunday, March 29, 2009

Multi-faith/Interfaith/Nondenominational Minister

This, I think, is fairly unique:

...were married Saturday. The Rev. Leslie Harry Cohen, an interfaith minister, officiated at a nondenominational ceremony at the Plaza in New York.

A Cohen, who is a minister, an interfaith minister, conducting an nondenominational ceremony.

Why couldn't it be an interdenominational ceremony?

So, inquisitive, I searched about.

His site is here.

Did you know that he has two degrees from the seminary, (1) Minister of Spiritual Counseling (MSC) and (2) Minister of Divine Wisdom (MDW). And that he is also a practicing Psychotherapist (Cpt) and can incorporate spiritual counseling if so desired?

And if you asked which Seminary that was, I think this provides, sort of, the answer:

He's a Multi Faith minister who studied at the New Seminary, Reverend Leslie was ordained at the Cathedral of "St. John the Divine" in New York City.

So, is he Jewish? Left the faith, er, Jewish faith? Still in?

What gives?

And this:

Reverend Leslie has performed weddings in many religions, including Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and combinations of each. Because Reverend Leslie acknowledges and honors all religions, faiths, practices and spirituality, the content of your wedding can be whatever you want it to be.

From strongly religious to strictly civil and anything in between
Ceremonies for interfaith couples
Spiritual ceremonies
Couples with no particular religious affiliation
Couples who choose to refrain from expressing religious beliefs.

Kind of hodge-podge mixup.

Well, anything goes.


g said...

This shift from religious dogmatism towards interfaith dialog and tolerance is very refreshing.

kay said...

What does being ordained at St. John's have to do with being Jewish?

YMedad said...

Kay, you tell me ;>)

Unknown said...

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