Friday, March 27, 2009

Saeb Is In Shtup

Does this sound like Saeb Erekat, the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s negotiations department, to you?

"Considered one of the most influential persons in the office of the President. For years he accompanies Abu-Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas - YM] and is thought of as his closest and most 'keeper-of-secret' friend. He is involved in internal Palestinian politics as well as the foreign affairs of the Authority including the political process with Israel".

Well, if it does, he's

in trouble.

According to today's Maariv, who published a story by Amit Cohen, the subject described above, whoever it is, if it's true, was caught on video tape in the offices of the Palestinian Authority doing the randy-dandy with one of the secretaries.

He further names who was responsible for the filming and its subsequent showing before Abbas: Fahmi Shabana, in charge of the Palestinian Authority's General Intellegence Unit in East Jerusalem, who it just so happens, is under arrest and held in an Israeli jail.

Worse, the tape, it is claimed, was handed off to Hamas.

Now, I found this:

A veteran Palestinian negotiator visited the United States to promote an upcoming Palestinian unity government...sources said that the negotiator, Saeb Erekat, kept a low profile in his visit to Washington where he held intensive meetings with American officials to urge them deal with the government.

But I doubt the low-profile was because of these rumors. Or maybe yes?

And for those presuming this is part of a libel campaign against all Arabs, Muslims or whatever, please, remember, we have Moshe Katzav to deal with.

P.S. Whereas the Yiddish shtup has a distinct sexual connotation, I use it in the sense of: he's in deep sh*t or he's being screwed.


Oh, and in case you have any doubts, here's the scanned story:

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