Monday, March 30, 2009

David Duke Does Farran

Well, well. David Duke dusts it up over the Roy Farran case.

After quoting from the UK Telegraph story, he makes some comments and I add my comments:

First of all, don’t let Mr. Rubowitz’s young age cloud the issue. Jews tend to be precocious, even at murder and terrorism. The Jewish Menendez brothers were 18 and 21 when they murdered their wealthy parents. Two famous Jewish psychopaths, Leopold and Loeb, were 18 and 19 when they murdered a fourteen year old boy in an attempt to commit the perfect crime.

One famous Zionist, Herschel Grynszpan, at the age of 17 gained world-wide notoriety when he assassinated a German embassy worker in Paris in 1938 in a political hate-crime murder. Grynszpan - by the way - was a Zionist just like Rubowitz. The Zionists were always a bloody, murdering lot - even to this day.

[I guess you say the same, with much more truth, about a lot of other peoples which would mean nothing. How many Jews killed Christians in pogroms, holocausts and general mayhem and how many Jews killed Christians would be an interesting question for Duke to answer. But the point is that (a) the British regime in Mandate Palestine had turned oppressive and after the May 1939 White Paper which, by the way, indirectly aided Hitler by keeping more Jews in Europe so he could kill them; (b) Farran was in the Police and the police just don't go around torturing and killing unarmed persons under 17 without prioper judicial procedure - and, refuse to divulge where the body is after six decades while denying you were involved; (c) and notice that "Grynszpan - by the way - was a Zionist". Yes, and his victim was a Nazi.]

England had occupied Palestine after taking it in World War One until 1948. Zionist Jews demanded that this real estate be handed over to them. Rather than wait for Jewish-owned newspapers and Jewish-controlled politicians in the West pulled the necessary strings to steal Palestine for them, some Jews began murdering British soldiers. The Jews were using tactics, which historians today would describe as “terrorism.” These Zionist Jews even blew up the King David Hotel, killing 91 people in a terrorist attack not equaled for decades.

[England "occupied" Palestine? Well, almost. It held it militarily until granted a Mandate status by the League of Nations for the purpose, by the way, of reconstituting the Jewish national home. Jews didn't demand but requested and pleaded for Gt. Britain to fulfill its international legal obligations - not restrict immigration, prohibit land purchases and muck things up. Oh, and that KDH operation? The Irgun blew up not a hotel with tourists inside but the offices of the Mandate Secretariat and the Army HQ, after telephoning through a warning of almost 30 minutes.]

The rules of war say that any combatant who does not wear a uniform can be executed as if he were a spy. Jewish terrorists in Palestine did not wear uniforms. Perhaps some British soldiers caught a young Yiddish terrorist and executed him.

[funny but his superiors didn't think so. they arrested him and put him on trial]

Curious how the Jews are trying to reopen this case. I guess they’ve run out of old Germans, Ukrainians and Latvians to accuse of war crimes. Now they’re biting the hand that fought for them in World War Two and accusing the British of atrocities in Palestine. Perhaps they see a new opportunity to extort reparations.

[not curious at all. if the bloody Brit had the guts enough to admit he killed the kid and simply informed the parents where he left the body, none of this would have been necessary. after all, if Duke had done something similar, we're all sure he would be crowing to the rafters]

Don’t expect the British to file any lawsuits or new investigations to find the Jewish murderers who killed Major Farran’s brother. Apparently murders and atrocities committed by Jews get swept under the rug. Meanwhile, any actions against Jews – even if they were justified at the time – will never be forgotten by the Jews and will be used to extort as much money as possible.

[the person who sent the bomb has given interviews (here, too) and now published his memoirs (in Hebrew), so, again, Duke is proving his ignorance.]

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