Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On That Spontaneous Arab Violence

You recall that threat of spontaneous violence, yes?

Jerusalem Post

Four people, including the police commissioner's deputy, Insp.-Gen. Shahar Ayalon, were lightly injured on Tuesday morning, during violence which broke out between Umm el-Fahm residents and Border Police forces at a right-wing march in the Arab city.

Police reported that Israeli Arab protesters threw stones at the activists, but further escalation was prevented by tear gas and stun grenades.

The march ended without further incidents, after the right-wing activists marched through the town waving Israeli flags.


Leftist lawmaker Ilan Ghilon (Meretz) and a high-ranking police officer were wounded on Tuesday in a clash between police and demonstrators protesting a march by far-rightists near the Israeli Arab town of Umm al-Fahm.

The far-rightists began the march at 10:00 A.M. and ended it about 45 minutes later. The clashes, however, continued after the march had been concluded.

Ghilon was wounded by a tear gas grenade fired by police in a bid to disperse hundreds of counter-protesters; the police officer was lightly hurt when a stone hurled by a demonstrator hit him in the head.

A number of other police officers were also wounded in the clash, which erupted after police arrested three Israeli Arabs who had scuffled with officers. The detainees had gathered for a counter-demonstration held by Umm al-Fahm residents.


Deputy Police Commissioner Shahar Ayalon was lightly injured Tuesday morning by stones hurled during a right-wing activists' march in the northern Arab town of Umm al-Fahm. Another senior officer and a policeman were also lightly wounded. Knesset Member Ilan Ghilon (Meretz), who was also present in the area, was hurt by tear gas fired by the police...

The rightists were greeted by the city's residents and several left-wing activists, who threw stones at the marchers. Residents standing on rooftops waved shoes and cursed the marching activists.

The police used tear gas and shock grenades against the protestors on both sides in a bid to prevent an escalation. The parade ended about half an hour later, and its participants returned to their buses.

..."The only weapon we are bringing is the Israeli flag," MK Ben-Ari told Ynet. He rejected the claims that his people were attempting to create a provocation. There are hostile elements who say that the State of Israel is a provocation. They say that any national matter is a provocation. But all we are doing is wave the Israeli flag. All we are demanding is loyalty to the State, and that the police will be able to move freely and enforce the law. We are not here to provoke or expel anyone."

One of the Arab protestors complained about the police's policy. "What can I say? You see for yourselves how the police defend the settlers instead of defending the city's residents."

You notice that "settlers" term?


Suzanne Pomeranz said...

It's very simple. If Israelis can't fly Israeli flags in an Israeli town, the the pals can't fly PLO flags in Israeli towns, namely Jerusalem. And that includes on T-shirts in the Old City suk and on the Temple Mount, on Saladin Street, the Mt. of Olives, Jebal Mukaber, Sur Bahir, Beit Safafa and elsewhere.

YMedad said...

that's a great yiddishe kop conclusion

Anonymous said...

If i follow your logic, Suzanne, Israeli's shouldn't be allowed to fly Israeli flags in the occupied Palestinian Territories, namely settlements. And that includes Shilo, Hebron, Gilo and Neveh Yaakov.

I would like to see a Palestinian march in a settlement, guarded by PA-troops. What do you expect to happen?
Or to make the comparison even more realistic: a Hamas march in Shiloh, guarded by Hamas-forces.

YMedad said...

If you compare Hamas to the Israel police we have a problem Martijn (by the way, you male or female, I can't tell with your spelling)

Anonymous said...

I told you before who i am, seems you're suffering from selective amnesia. Which is a common complaint among revisionist Zionists...
I'm male, Belgian, and i interviewed you a few years ago for my MA dissertation.

Obviously i'm not comparing Hamas to Israeli police, but you get my point, or maybe you don't.

YMedad said...

Sorry, but it's not selective. Don't take it too hard but you are not the most important memory item for me. ;->)
I usually forget my wife's shopping instructions, too.

And obviously you are comparing otherwise you make no sense in what you wrote and what you wanted me to say in response or should I google?

And did the MA come out?

YMedad said...

ah, here you are. yes, vaguely familiar. big on "Palestine" eh?

g said...

Lol, note the label "Arab mentality". I would cathegorize it as "Israeli provocation" or "peace sabotage"