Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sara Ann Schacter and Aram Lee Erenburg were married Saturday at Stage 6 at Steiner Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Robert J. Berson, the leader of the Ethical Culture Society of Northern Westchester, officiated.



In the Bible:

Aram, son of Shem (אֲרָם or ʾĂrām), according to the 'Table of Nations' in Genesis 10
Aram-Naharaim (Aram of two Rivers), the land in which the city of Haran lay
Aram (Biblical region), containing the state of Aram Damascus
Aram Rehob, an early Aramaean kingdom
Aram, son of Bethuel's elder brother, Kemuel, grandson of Abraham's elder brother, Nahor

But there could be an Armenian link:

Persons named Aram:

Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978), Armenian composer
Aram Yengoyan (b. 1936), prominent Armenian professor of anthropology at University of California, Davis
Aram Saroyan (b. 1943), Armenian poet, novelist, biographer, memoirist and playwright
Aram Asatryan (1953-2006), Armenian pop singer and songwriter
Aram Bedrosian, (b.1977), bass guitarist of Armenian descent
Aram Ramazyan (b. 1978), Armenian boxer

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