Monday, March 23, 2009

Kosher Is A Serious Concern

What a story:

Non-Kosher Hot Dog Incites Rage At Jewish Eatery
Restaurant Owner Brandished Electric Knife To Fend Off Enraged Customers

...the chaos broke out when he and a rabbi noticed the frankfurters on the grill were non-Kosher, in a restaurant that's supposed to be dishing out the Kosher variety.

"The package didn't look Kosher," the patron said...Some customers were quick to defend the worker, who was surrounded by, according to some witnesses, a hundred enraged people.

...The rabbi, who originally certified the Shawarma King restaurant Kosher, has written a letter to the community in a Jewish newspaper. In the letter, he calls the frankfurter mix-up a "terrible mistake."

"It was a one-time incident," Borough Park resident Yosi Stern, who translated the Yiddish letter for CBS 2, said. "They caught it before it was even served to the consumers."

The rabbi tells the community that a worker was sent out to buy hot dogs, and that he went to the wrong market and bought non-Kosher hot dogs...The popular spot on 13th Avenue was shut down for several days as rabbis examined the premises for non-Kosher food, and threw out equipment that came in contact with the uncertified meat.

Customers, and the restaurant's owner, say they're hoping similar incidents don't come up in the future.

The restaurant's owner says that, in addition to throwing out equipment, utensils were cleansed with a flame to purge any pieces of the non-Kosher food.

A whole new meaning to the term shechita.

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Religious extremism can be really ridiculous sometimes.