Friday, March 27, 2009

The Gordon Brown Limerick Contest

It's over at the London Times.

Some examples:

The nation of cynics,
see through the gimicks,
of Bankers & Labour grand.
Get me my coat love,
get mam to tape Big Bruv
and lets sod off sharpish to Greenland.

There was once a bald man from HBOS,
With whom an ex-manager was quite cross,
The FSA he advised,
'til he was then surprised
by allegations that some called pure plain dross.

To my sourest Prime Minister Brown,
Whose dourness is brightened with frowns,
We long for a smile
Within the square mile,
Else the footsie will further fall down.

There was an old codger called Brown,
Who always gets everyone down,
He hired the FSA clot,
Who fired the best of the lot,
And now he has devalued our pound.


Percy Bisque Silly said...

These are not strictly limericks, good Sir; please Study the form.


Percy Bisque Silly
Upper Crust, Upper Case, Upper Hand

Anonymous said...

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