Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The London Times Comes Out Short

Short of information, that is.

Here is their report on today's "march of the flag" which includes this:

Rising ethnic tensions were underscored in Israel today as violent clashes took place in one of Israel's biggest Arab towns between Jewish ultra-nationalists and local youths. Police dispersed rock-throwing Arab residents of Umm el-Fahm with stun grenades and tear gas in the town, which is close to Israel's boundary with the occupied West Bank. The outbreak of violence took place following a march by right-wing Jews aiming to demonstrate sovereignty over the town, which has a strong Islamic movement.

It mentions MK Michael Ben-Ari of the National Union, Baruch Marzel of Kach, Lieberman and Netanyahu.

And in publishing this:

Jamal Zahalka, an Israeli Arab MP, slammed the Jewish demonstrators as racists. “Racism is not freedom of expression, it’s a criminal act and the law should punish it," he said.

the paper completely misleads its readers.

I left this comment there:

What is not mentioned is that the march was mandated by a High Court of Justice decision and quite legal, as well as fully coordinated with the Police. This article provides the misleading impression that somehow the flag marchers were acting improperly or mischievously.



Neither does the New York Times include that the march was authorized by the court and coordinated with the police, in other words, fully legal.


g said...

It was previously banned.

"The far-rightists had been planning to march in Umm al Fahm for months. They said they wanted to show that no part of Israel was off-limits to them. The police had banned a previous march, citing threats to public order and the marchers’ safety. "

And what exactly was the goal of that march,in your view? Didn't they expect it to provoke Arabs?

g said...

Let's not talk about them and why it provoked them. What was the goal of the nationalists marching? What message did they want to deliver?

YMedad said...

that if Arabs can fly Hamas flags in Um El-Fahm and march in Jerusalem with Hizbollah flags, as they have done, then Jews/Israelis can surely carry an Israel flag in Um el-Fahm. That's all.

g said...

And the Arabs wanted to provoke and to send a message, and apparently so did the nationalists Jews in this march. So you are not agreeing with their tactics, yet you adopt them?

YMedad said...

a criminal shoots a policeman, a policeman shoots back. has he adopted?

g said...

Haha, with all respect, grow up. Stop saying "they did it first" and take some responsibility for your own actions.

g said...

And this analogy of yours doesn't work, criminal=Palestinians and policemen=Israeli? Please... Since when are Palestinians being outlawed.