Friday, January 18, 2008

They're Out

The girls who refuse to identify themselves are out, it's reported. And so told me Nurit, the school principal where they study.

The campaign on their behalf was beginning to gain public momentum. Here's a poster that's been put up:-

Nurit also confirmed for me that at one police station, the girls were physically handled in a way that was immodest for them.

But the tatic of not identifying oneself, attacked by the Left, is well known. After all, one of the clandestine immigration ships during the British Mandate over Palestine, beached and the kibbutz members who came to aid the disembarkation were themselves arrested, refused to identify themselves (although they all gave the same names: David and Sarah) and ended up being transported to Cyprus.

But isn't it amazing the our Lefties, who support all sorts of crazy and outlandish causes, like rehabilliation instead of imprisonment and rights of minors regarding Pal. kids can't seem to bring themselves to express any sympathy for a similar cause just because the people involved are either religious or nationalist or both.

Such hypocrisy.

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