Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clouds to the North Bringing Snow to Jerusalem

Looking west from the Begin Center towards Jaffa Gate and the walled Old City:


Snap Catch said...

cool catch for SWF! mine's up too hope you can drop by... Happy weekend!

Angie said...

Your pictures are beautiful and your blog looks very interesting.I'll have a look at it in more detail when I have more time.

Angie said...

Hello again,
BTW,if you do want to have a look at my SW,(and please don't feel you have to,lol) I'm 66 in the list. I only mention this cos there is another Angie and there was me thinking I was unique!

esnorway said...

great pics have nice weekend

Jeannelle said...

Just beautiful and very special to see skies from Israel.

Happy SkyWatching!

Tom said...

Hello there YMedad
I am sure I have not welcomed you before so please forgive me.. I will welcome you now to Sky Watch and also thank you for joining us here and sharing your pictures... your view are a delight and are alwys welcome here..


Forgive this part of my comment as this is done by Copy & Paste.. but with over 300 to visit and check I am sure you will understand...
May I thank you on behalf of the Sky Watch team for your post this week and for helping to make Sky Watch special.
Tom :O)