Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bush Humor

Aired Wednesday night last week on CBS:

President George Bush is in Israel right now. But he doesn’t really fit there. He showed up today wearing, oh, I guess it was like a 10-gallon yarmulke.

When you take George Bush out of his own environment, when you take him out of his own culture, like in Israel, for example, he makes mistake. And anybody would.
Earlier today, he was speaking it a group of people in Jerusalem and he finished up by saying, “Ich bin ein Jewish guy.”

But there’s no getting around it. George Bush is confused. He thinks a Jewish settlement is Ellen Barkin taking $20 million from Ron Perelman.

And Clyde Jenkinse added:

The Muslims are hoping for a repeat of history, a burning bush.

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batcave911 said...

oye vay, Bush in Israel
When he went to the White house he couldnt figure out why everyone had funny accents...

Bush humor