Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Welcome Any Comments or Explanations

I received this:-

(1) The research and work undertaken by Israel Academia Monitor involves a great deal of time and effort and therefore over the last three years we have sought donations from readers to help us in our task.

(2) Because we are a small not-for-profit group based in Israel we sought an American partner NGO in order to help American donors gain tax-deductible status on their donations.

(3) During the last couple of years the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum, under the chairmanship of Daniel Pipes, received small donations on our behalf, taking a commission for this.

(4) However, since our first ever really sizeable donation was pledged last summer, Dr. Pipes has refused to pass this on to Israel Academia Monitor, nor has he handed over another smaller payment donated to Israel Academia Monitor in December, despite our repeated requests and pleas to do so.

(5) Instead in recent weeks Dr. Pipes has written us threatening emails with ultimatums in an attempt to seize control of Israel Academia Monitor.

Steve Plaut writes:-

A false message is being circulated supposedly in the name of "Israel Academia Monitor" attacking Daniel Pipes, supposedly in the name of the "Directors of Israel Academia Monitor." The message was sent out by Dana Barnett alone, who was fired from editing Israel Academia Monitor and is not authorized to commission work on behalf of Israel Academia Monitor, to represent it, or to solicit or accept donations on its behalf.

The message she circulated contains false information.

It does not represent the point of view of anyone else besides Barnett.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't find an email link...

Shalom Aleichem! Did I miss it, or did you really not comment on the Lehi and Yair Stern getting some recent belated recognition in the Knesset?

YMedad said...

I commented on the very first event at the Hebrew University here and since I wasn't invited to the Knesset affair, didn't say anything.