Friday, January 25, 2008

Did You Ever Ask Yourselves

Did you ever ask yourselves where all the Gazans going over into Egypt have all the money to buy what they are buying?


And, by the way, as my cousin-in-law Chaim said, if Sudanese refugees and Moldavia prostitutes are infiltrating Israel from just a few miles south of Rafah, can you guess how many Hamasniks are going to start visiting Eilat and Beersheba?

And if and when Olmert succeeds in reestablishing Israel's border near Kfar Saba or Jerusalem, what wil the IDF do when 100,000 Arabs march on the fence with 10,000 kids in front, followed by 20,000 mothers and then 30,000 elderly ment followed by 40,000 gunmen?

Nu, so ask yourselves and give me an answer.

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