Saturday, January 19, 2008

Can't Believe That Nati Could Be Intimidated

Was sent here by Jameel:-

R. Nati, a contributor to this blog, was summoned to the (Israeli) police station today. When he arrived, he was escorted to a room. The police were not waiting, instead the Israeli Internal Security (Shabak, or Shin Bet, the Israeli counter-intelligence and internal security service) was waiting for him.

He was interrogated as a right-wing activist (he's not), for possible involvement in planning anti-public activities (he's not involved in any way), and for publishing a Violent (?) Anti-Government (?) & Anti-Homosexual (???) Blog - Mystical Paths.

Well, he doesn't publish it. He does contribute religious and emunah oriented articles somewhat regularly. However, lets address the other points:

Violent - All I can say is ?????. Mystical Paths has never recommended or suggested any violent action against anyone, nor have any writers on Mystical Paths performed any such actions. Anyone who thinks otherwise has misread or excerpted items out of context.

Anti-Government - Mystical Paths does not espouse the overthrow of any Western government. Chaos and revolution is not the friend of the Jewish people. Rather, in cases where we disagree with current government policy, either of Israel or the United States, we recommend democratic actions be taken to replace the current _administration and elected officials_ with leaders that would head in a different direction. Democratic actions means, votes, protests, political organizing, and getting a message out.

Anti-Homosexual - ???? What in the world? The human drive in this area is probably the most prone area for the Yetzer Hara to attack a person. Those challenged with complete misdirection of their drives have perhaps one of the greatest challenges there is. Like people with challenges in any area, people with challenges in this area should be recommended to and given opportunities to improve. Mystical Paths does not agree with, and does recommend _peacefully_ protesting against, those who would flaunt their challenges, especially those who would do it specifically in religious and holy places, and this includes Jerusalem.

Disagreeing with the _administration and elected officials_ positions is not a crime in a Western democracy. Not even in Israel.

I'd like to say we will not be intimidated. But honestly, we just have been.

(Kippah tip: Muqata aka Jameel)

Welcome to the democratic state of Israel.

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