Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Their Effrontery

Many times, in attempting to succinctly explain one of the main problems Israelis have in portraying the difference between Jews and Arabs in the conflict between us, I have used the phrase:

it started when he hit me back

as when two men are brought before a judge - world opinion in our case - and one is asked to elucidate just how the fight between them began.

I have now found another pithy description in a book describing the period immediately after America's Civil War when the South, within 11 years, reversed the military victory of the North and subjected Negroes to their previous position lacking in basic rights and civil liberties. The book is "The Bloody Shirt" by Stephen Budiansky and the phrase is here

To white conservative Southerners, the outrage was never the acts they committed,
only the effrontery of having those acts held against them.

Somehow, the Arabs never see what they are doing and ignore the immoral actions they initiate and then present themselves as victims to gain sympathy.

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