Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet Revenge of a Sort

My veteran readers will recall the run-in with Rabbi Meir Goldvicht, the yored who attempted to justify his long absence from Israel by downplaying the value of living in Israel when he made disparaging remarks at a YU alumni Shabbaton in March 2006. My remarks, as well as those of my wife, met with bitter opposition by R' Goldvicht's students.

Anyway, I just read this:-

Rabbi Shalom Rosner, a seven year SBMP faculty member, is leaving YU for aliyah and Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalayim in Beit Shemesh. Rabbi Rosner will be starting a Masmidim program at Reishit, a move that the yeshiva hopes will attract higher caliber students.

...Assistant Dean of Judaic Studies Rabbi Daniel Rapp affirmed, "Obviously, I am saddened by the news. Rabbi Rosner is a first-class talmid chacham and rebbe. While SBMP feels the loss, I am personally happy for him and his family and wish them all the best."

SBMP faculty member Rabbi Ezra Schwartz said, "I am really happy for Rabbi Rosner. He has an opportunity to fulfill the dream and mitzvah of Yishuv Ha-aretz. On a personal level, I will miss his presence in the BMP Beis Medrash." Rabbi Schwartz added that he is "excited that Rabbi Rosner is taking his talents to Eretz Yisrael, and look forward to seeing his talmidim from Reishit when they return to study in one of our YU Batei Medrash."

The departure of Rabbi Rosner means that SBMP must now replace one of the most popular teachers in its program's brief history. Rabbi Rosner's shiur - along with Rabbi Meir Goldvicht and Rabbi Shmuel Marcus - is closed out this semester.

...Though Rabbi Rosner told The Commentator that he is excited for his new opportunity, he will miss his students and friends at Yeshiva. "I love my students and will definitely miss all of you, and hopefully I will see you all in Israel."

Rosner makes Aliyah and Goldvicht remains, still, behind.


Anonymous said...

Gee, I thought i was against the Torah to gloat like this.

YMedad said...

No, not really, as he hasn't "fallen" yet. (Misheli 24:17)

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