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And Heeeeeeere's The "Peace Camp"


1. New Profile: A feminist pluralistic organization comprising males and females; its long-term goal is to alter Israeli society from militaristic to civil. New Profile opposes the occupation. Due to the present situation, much of its work is in supporting conscientious objectors--from pacifists to persons who do not wish to enlist because they oppose the Occupation. NP also supports youngsters who do not wish to enlist for other reasons (e.g., economic).

2. Ta'ayush Jewish-Arab Partnership: Ta’ayush’s aims are both political and humanitarian. It is not as active as it was in past years, but still continues to be active in the South Hebron hills area.

3. "Bat Shalom, Women's Peace Organization"

4. B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. B’tselem (which means ‘in the image of’) monitors the situation and furnishes informative reports that can be obtained in hard copy and read on the internet. 02 673 5599

5. Coalition of Women for a Just Peace

6. Gush Shalom Israel-Palestine Peace Bloc [begun and led by Uri Avnery]
One can also subscribe to TOI-> Billboard (The Other Israel email updates) via

7. ICAHD Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions coordinator Jeff Halper; also, for information phone Amos Gvirtz 09 952 3261;

8. Physicians for Human Rights - Israel 03 687 3718

9. Public Committee Against Torture in Israel - Executive Director - Hannah Friedman / 02 642 6275

10. Rabbis For Human Rights
mail to 02 563 7731

11. Re'ut-Sadaka - Jewish-Arab Youth Organization for Peace and Democracy

12. Courage to Refuse (Ometz L'Sarev) [The organization has closed its office, but its website continues to be updated and contains interesting reading.] An organization of Reservists who signed an open letter to PM Sharon stating their reasons for refusing to serve in the Territories and their opposition to the Occupation. The original letter was signed by 50. At its height, the organization had about 650 members, all who refused to serve in the OPTs (Occupied Palestinian Territories).

13. Yesh Gvul
Reservists who refuse to serve in the territories. Began during the Lebanese War, and was revived with the 2nd intifada /

14. Shministim Refusal Movement [12th graders who wrote and signed an open letter to the PM and Min. of Defense stating their reasons for refusing to enlist in the mlitary; there have been 2 such letters]

15. Shovrim Shtika [Breaking the Silence], an organization whose dual purpose is on the one hand to make known how the Israeli military conducts itself in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and on the other to give the discharged soldier a platform on which to unload things that he/she might have sitting on his/her conscience. To achieve this double aim, Shovrim Shtika encourages discharged soldiers (including reservists) to testify regarding their conduct and acts when serving in the OPTs.

see also

16. Machsom Watch [i.e., Checkpoint Watch] A women’s organization that monitors soldiers’ conduct at check points, reports human rights abuses, and attempts to mediate between Palestinians and the military when necessary.

17. Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)
WOFPP aims to “promote the release” of all political prisoners, and to support female political prisoners in Israeli jails. The women jailed are mainly Palestinian, but WOFPP includes also Israeli women charged with political crimes (e.g., Leyla Mosenson). WOFPP periodically reports on the situation with prisoners so as to inform.

18. Windows—Palestinian-Israeli cooperation

19. Neve Shalom/Wahat as-Salam. Israeli-Palestinian community which has educational and cultural programs.

20. Zochrot aims to “recognize the moral debt for the wrong doings caused to the Palestinian people, by the Israeli state and its institutions.”

“ ‘Al Nakba’ (The disaster - in Arabic) is the name for the demolishing and the ruining of Palestinians villages and cities, and the deportation of their inhabitants, in 1948 and 1967. The disaster of the Palestinians is silenced and is absent from the physical and cultural view of Israel. The aim of Zochrot is to recognize the moral debt for the wrong doings caused to the Palestinian people, by the Israeli state and its institutions,” via a variety of activities.

21. Yesh Din [There is Law] This organization investigates and deals with cases involving settler violence and misdeeds against Palestinians. 03 516 8563

22. The Occupation Magazine This is a journal rather than an activist organization, but it contains many of the materials found in the above, as well as commentaries, statistics, etc. Worth reading.

23. This is a Website intended to inform containing testimonies from Palestinians and others. The site is the initiative of Aya Kanuke and Tamar Goldschmidt, who continue to manage it. Its materials are well worth reading and videos well worth viewing.

24. Combatants for Peace: A group of Palestinians and Israelis who formerly were actively involved in violence—either as soldiers in the Israeli military or as Palestinian freedom fighters—who have decided to forego violence and to abide by the following principles: “We no longer believe that the conflict can be resolved through violence. We believe that the blood shed will not end unless we act together to terminate the occupation and stop all forms of violence. We call for the establishment of a Palestinian State, alongside the State of Israel. The two states can exist in peace and security beside each other. We will use only non-violent means to achieve our goals and call for both societies to end violence. “

25. Anarchists Against the Wall

26. 5th Mother


International Organizations

27. International Solidarity Movement

28. International Women's Peace Service

29. Christian Peacekeeper Teams (CPT)

30. Ecuminical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel
02 628 9402

Palestinian Organizatiions [thanks to Taka Nakahara for help with the Palestinian organizations]

31. Palestinian Red Crescent Society
Important among other things for statistics regarding Palestinians who have been killed and wounded by the Israeli forces, updated almost daily

32. Sumoud [Palestinian]
A political prisoner solidarity Group
This website contains statistics and much information. Worth visiting.

East Jerusalem

32. Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND) PO Box 66558 Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem
Tel: Fax/ +972-2-6567310/11

33. The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network(PENGON) PO Box 25220 Beit Hanina, Jerusalem Palestine
Tel: +972-2-2971505
Fax: +972-2-2975123

Ramallah/Al-Bireh Area

34. Bil’in Popular Committee
Abdullah Abu Rahme : 054-725-8210
Mohammed Khatib : 054-557-3285

35. The Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange (PACE) Ramallah, Palestine Nablus main road, Al-Bireh
Tel: + 972-2-2407610

36. Al Haq
Ramallah, (0)2 2956421

Orabi Building, Ground & 2nd floors , Jerusalem-Ramallah St., Al-Biereh
Tel/Fax: +972-2-2406280/1

38. Panorama
Ramallah Office
AlAhliyya College St. , Cairo Amman Bank Bldg. 3rd Floor.
P.o.Box : 2049.
Tel. No : +(972)/(970) - 2 - 295 - 9618/23 Fax : +(972) - 2 - 298 - 1824

Bethlehem/Beit Sahour Area

39. Holy Land Trust (Bethlehem)
FAX 02-2765931

40. The Palestinian Center for Rapproachement between People (Beit Sahour)

41. Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies (Beit Sahour)
Telefax: +972 2 274 8590

42. Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, Umm Salamuna Mahmoud Zawahira 0599586004

43. The Palestinian Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
( Bethlehem

44. Al-Hares Center for Studies & Media
02-2750105/2764926 (Bethlehem)

45. Open Bethlehem
02-2777993 (Bethlehem)

45. Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center (WI’AM)
02-2770513/7333 (Bethlehem)

Hebron Area

46. LIBRARY ON WHEELS For Non-violence and Peace
Tel: (972) 2 583 5146/ 0522-229897
Fax: (972) 2 583 5127

47. Land Research Center
Tel (temporary): +972-2-2217239
Mobile: +972-50-507931
E-mail :

48. International Palestinian Youth League
Jaffa Street - Al Isra?a Bldg., 5th floor
P.O.Box 618, Hebron, Palestine
Tel: +972-2-2229131



a few corrections and many additions to the list of activist organizations:-

1. Machsom Watch

The correct link to MS is; The one that you (or some of you) apparently received was not one that I put on, and I have no idea of how it got there!


The Committee is an Israeli organization, which firmly believes that there can be no peace between Israel and Palestine so long as thousands of Palestinian so-called “security prisoners” and hundreds of administrative detainees continue to be held in Israeli prisons.

Members of the Committee believe that the Palestinian prisoners can and should play a significant role in advancing the peace process and in spreading the message that co-existence in the Middle East is indeed possible – but only if Israeli society pays attention to their hardships and puts an end to the systematic institutional discrimination against them – which exists first at the judicial level, and later on with regard to their imprisonment conditions and parole opportunities.

Anat Matar,, +972 3 5408977

Sanna Salame +972 544 805040

Tamar Berger


A directory of many more organizations:-


the AIC (Alternative Information Center) in 1999-2000 put out an extensive list with much info. Have not checked availability.

----------------, ,
sha'ar la'adam ,
abraham fund ,;
bereaved parents association

also: arab-jewish cooperative projects, such as:
the bi-cultural/bi-lingual schools
the arab-jewish youth symphony
the midrasha b'oranim arab-jewish textual study and dialogue group (which was my own form of non-violent "activism" for four years)


this website lists a great many organizations whose criterion is Israeli-Palestinian co-existence, and is worth checking out


Operative in the Salfit Governate: "women for life" with Fatima Asi as coordinator.

Other links can be found at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) site:
Human Rights
News & Media


and Len & Libby Traubman's dialog activities

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