Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Really NEWSWEEK, This You Had to Print?

There are people who don;t like Israel's policies. There are people who don't like Jews. There are people who are kooks. And there are Jews who are all three.

For example:-

As Israeli generals continue to ponder when to attack Iran and by which route, they are acutely aware that their decision may be the spark that starts World War III. But that is not their primary concern. Their agenda is to safeguard the state of Israel, allowing an acceptable loss of life for the greater Israeli good. Up until now, the Israelis' strategy has been to convince the world that their enemies are not theirs alone, and they have had some success in this ploy.

The European Union's decision-making process has been infiltrated by pro-Israel administrators and politicians at various levels, who see it as their mission to lobby Brussels so that the EU will continue to appease Israel's demands for preferential treatment on trade, on arms delivery and export licenses and on political decisions that favor Israel's wider agenda. That agenda is to foil the advancement of a viable Palestinian state by any means—political and economic—and in this it has been successful for many years.

The only solution now is a radical reform of the U.N. Security Council that will expand its membership to reflect the real world (and realpolitik) by the doubling of its membership and the removal of veto power. Only then will the United Nations be accepted by the world's nations as the supreme international authority of final decision and appeal.

Michael Halpern
Westbourne, England

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