Monday, August 04, 2014

Pallywood in Action (Graphic Images Provided by Hamas)

Pallywood is

"media manipulation, distortion and outright fraud by the Palestinians and other Arabs ... designed to win the public relations war against Israel."

Pallywood in action (thanks to LDB) at outside and down the block from the UNRWA Rafah school in which the IDF targeted terror commanders:

"The Israeli army has targeted three Islamic Jihad terrorists mounted on a motorcycle near an UNRWA school in Rafah," said an IDF spokesperson in a statement.

Note, there's no girl here:

Nor here:

Still in pre-shoot production stage;

Almost ready:

Fitting her into the scene:

"Okay, is this the shot we want?"

* And now there is this clip and you can see the infant girl being place down in the first few seconds.

and this clip:


This post does not support illegal actions directed at civilians and I am not pleased that innocent lives are lost.  It is solely uploaded to illustrate how Pallywood works.

And EOZ found a video.

And this post explains other aspects that I missed or an not sure of to include in my post.

A new summary.



Anonymous said...

"media manipulation, distortion and outright fraud"

Isn't this your job? Who do they think they are?

Greetings from Germany.

Anonymous said...

Your propaganda blog is tasteless. Zoom in on the photos: Even if it's arranged - you do realize this little girl is realy dead, right?

YMedad said...

anon 3:04 you did read my note at the end, did you not? and the post is on Pallywood. that action of staging a photograph, tastelessly using a dead infant for propaganda effect, is immoral.

and one spells really with two Ls.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I too condemn the loss of innocent life. But if you investigate further, you will see that this "scene" has clearly been manipulated with. If you check out this link ( the author goes through it quite thouroughly.

1) there are claims the girl is deceased, but in separate photos you see her mouth open and then closed. Also her fists are clenched, then they're not.
2) other "victims" around here are tampered with in the scene, a few shots with them not lying there, then they are again. (Surely if you are that severely injured, the priority is to get to hospital, not to be moving around an attack zone)
3) the blast took place outside the school, the school was not attacked. you can see some original blood puddles on the OUTSIDE of the school boundaries. Furthermore, in the "scene" after the attack, you see the school on the background completely unharmed.

I know images of life lost is a powerful tool, and people sympathize with those hurt, but lets not get sucked into mass hysteria, but examine all the facts.

Greetings from South Africa

SteveJF GB said...

Whether the girl is dead or not the scene was staged. If she is dead her death could easily be the result of one of more than 300 (about 10% of those fired) Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets that have fallen short in Gaza recently.

YMedad said...

Let me make it clear:

the post is about persons who, to make a picture 'better', grab a little dead girl, rearrange two dead adults, place her in the scene and that way, achieve a different picture from the reality that was.
that is Pallywood.

I did not imply in any way that she is alive or that this was not an uunfortunate and regrettable incident of civilian death.

Anonymous said...

if you critizise people, that are no native speakers, for their spelling, you have nothing else to say.

The UN speaks of 'genocide', and you play it down.

Your propaganda is used methodically, and is totaly compareable to what Mr. Goebbel's did. And you for yourself, you know it. This is what makes you a culprit.

Anonymous said...

grabing a little dead girl, and make a picture 'better' is tasteless.

killing whole families in their homes is murder.

knowing that hamas is using civilians as human shields, and then bombing them nontheless, again and again, day in day out, is genocide and nothing less.

Anonymous said...

i tell you this as a german. i have grown up with the crimes of hitler on television and 'never again'. i know what is right and what is wrong. the state of israel is very wrong.

Anonymous said...

IDF abuses such as looting,
beatings, vandalism of property and the use of the local
population as human shields. But by far the strongest
reverbration in Israel was that created by the Israeli
organization "Breaking the Silence", which collected
testimony from 26 unnamed IDF soldiers. All of the soldiers
had been involved in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip,
and testified to instances where Gazans were used as human
shields, incendiary phosphorous shells were fired over
civilian population areas, and other examples of excessive
firepower that caused unnecessary fatalities and destruction
of property.

YMedad said...

to anon, 05:00 being German is your problem, not mine.

to anon 08:00, as i have debated reps of Breaking the Siloence and have had two sons in the army, I don't believe much of their propaganda but, of course, there are problems. if there would be no Arab terror, all would be fine.

Anonymous said...

@anonym 8:00
I didnt know the IDF used the local population as human shields. thank you for the link. i will spread the word.

Being a german is not a problem for me. to be honest i am very proud.
you know... we have lost the war, but we have won peace now.
the state of israel can learn a lot from the germans. we a re true democrats. we truly respect human rights. for us germans one palestinian life equals one jewish life.

lets get this clear: are you saying Human Rights Watch and the International Red Cross spread false information and propaganda?

"The allegations of criminal conduct by various organizations such as Human Rights Watch and the International Red Cross have been persistent since the conclusion of "Cast Lead" in January 2009."

Anonymous said...

Well, as a German you should be able to tell about efficiency and genocide. Because this "genocide" is clearly the most inefficient in human history. They're not dying out, they just breed. With 42% of people aged under 14, breeding is all they do, and they obviously have the right conditions to it.

And doesn't it strike you as odd that only civilians are reported dead? One might think there are no one else there and the rockets fire themselves. You want to tell me the idf fights civilians? So it's civilians who kill idf soldiers too?

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:30
you sound like a racist when you talk about palestines. you can't calculate human bodys like apples and oranges.
they are arranging it for a better photo right?

israel lost its humanity, like the nazis did.
israel expelled families from their land and homes, like the nazis did.
in the year 2014, the state of israel is an apartheid regime.
one side is the oppressor, and one side is being oppressed.
gaza is a ghetto, like warsaw was.