Friday, August 08, 2014

Who Endangers Israel, Gideon Levy?

In a CNN column today:

...Unfortunately, dehumanizing the Palestinians has become the best tool to strengthen the occupation, to ignore and deny its crimes and enable the Israelis to live in peace, without any moral dilemmas. If the Palestinians are not human beings, there is no question about human rights. This process climaxed in this war and this is the real basis for the moral blindness which has covered Israel.

One of Israel's greatest assets -- as well as the source of its greatest pride -- has been our liberal, democratic and free society. But what we're doing to ourselves now is a greater threat to our existence than Hamas' rockets could ever be.

Yes, that was Gideon Levy.

And, as usual, he gets things backwards, if not upside-down.

It's what he is doing to us by exploiting our liberal, democratic and free society that is a great threat to Israel's existence.

He misreperesents, lies, undermines Israel's public and governmental support and the list is too long as much as he is wrong.


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