Thursday, August 28, 2014

Headline Winner

Last time, I found a story and headline with "West", "Bank" and "settlement" included.

Now we have something quite close:

U.S. to allow some immigrant deportees to return under settlement

with this content:

The government admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement...but it agreed to take several measures to protect migrants' rights.

I think the rights of Jews to be able to reside in Jewish communities, aka "settlements", is legal and should be protected ("The Administration of Palestine...shall facilitate Jewish immigration...and shall encourage..close settlement by Jews on the land...") and surely no less so than persons whose parents brought them illegally into the United States and who accepted a suggestion that they voluntarily agree to be deported and now, perhaps, qualify for repatriation since they were longtime California residents with relatives who are U.S. citizens.

These persons surely have less a connection to California than Jews to the Land of Israel which was guaranteed to be reconstituted as the Jewish national home due to our historic connection to that country.


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