Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Joke Material for Elon Gold

Elon Gold and family underwent a "hate incident" in LA last Shabbat evening on the background of the operation in Gaza.  The children were introduced, perhaps too early, to the reality that it's not what a Jews does but what he represents that draws hatred and the use of violence.  Years ago, it was what I "did", supposedly, to Christ that got me into trouble and now, it is what Elan "did" to Gaza Arabs.

It includes this excellent section on the media:

I can write a fifty page piece about where all the hatred comes from. There are too many fingers to point at. The media, (I’m talking to you CNN, NY Times, etc.), who instead of reporting on every single rocket fired into Israel, chooses to focus on every civilian casualty of this war, instigated and perpetuated by Hamas. Constantly providing the numbers of the dead, instead of the number, eleven, which is the number of cease fires Hamas broke, thereby causing all of this death and destruction. Repeatedly displaying images of dead civilians without any of the context that many of the deaths are terrorists and that any real civilian casualties were victims of Hamas’s double war crimes of firing rockets at innocent civilians while using their innocent civilians as human shields. Or that a number of casualties include civilians who were killed by errant Hamas rockets.
This is what fuels the fire and allows for people to think they now have the right to wish death upon my children.

He finishes his piece so:

I can go on and on about how all of the pro-Palestinian rallies have signs that say "Death to Jews" and praising Hitler, and why Jews everywhere are now targets of hate crimes, hate incidents, vandalism and murder. I could ... but I have jokes to write. Because I’m trying to make the world a better place with laughter. Sadly, we now live in a world full of people that love to hate, more than they love to laugh.

So, Elon, here's a thought:

Growing up in New York in the 1950s, the "good old days", we were cursed, yelled out, threatened and occasionally beaten (and we gave back) just because we were Jews.  The Irish and Italian toughs in Queens where I lived didn't need what Israel was doing, or not doing, to hate and act on that hate. 
It came from another place, and we'll leave it at that.

But, Elon, if you want to turn this experience of mine into a joke, something like:

But reflecting on my experience, I guess things have changed.  In the past, the anti-Semites didn't need to use Israel as an excuse to curse and beat Jews. Maybe that means something for the good?

go, right ahead.

But don't stop being who you are.


Anonymous said...

Elon Gold is wrong. The Arabs with real freedom aren't the Israeli Arabs. It's the Arabs in Los Angeles that have the real freedom.

What's really funny is that, in a city as large as Los Angeles, the Arabs and the Jews choose to live in the same areas. Go figure.

debby said...

they live in OC too- UC Irvine has nests of them all around. Their cars have stickers say terrible things, about Israel and they post things up on our markets about Israel. They have become a majority presence at the most tawny of all malls here. They are to the kind who make trouble as in Dearborn, where the arabs are the poorer. NO these are the monied Saudis and Palestinians, who work the campuses and filter their dogma through campus life. But the worst of it is that people like me who are proud Jews, who have stuck their necks out at the campuses where CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood hang out are now going to be on the hit list for Jew hatred. I have already experienced some of it, already. I believe this global ascendance in Jew hatred is directly related to BIB's decisions to negate with terrorists, and to ultimately surrender to Mashaal. The ceasefire is worse than just a ceasefire- it is the door to Hamas taking over the Judea and Samaria. They are emboldened for two reasons, one is they are now negotiating with Israel which gives me diplomatic power and recognition as a world player. Remember Abbas and Hamas are one now- even if they despise each other they use each other to get ahead. Abbas is worth his weight in gold at the UN, where Hamas cannot show its face. Not destroying Gaza decisively sent a strong message to all those leaders who are against Israel--- we will not fight a war to victory. Bibi gave in to their demands for a ceasefire, extension of fishing rights and border patrol, and Abbas having control as well, meaning Hamas. They will continue to fight until they cripple us Through negotiations we will be given up,, over time. In the mean time the north and the south are lagging in growth and investment from abroad- who in their right mind would invest in a country that is subject to rocket attacks at will- this is an open ended ceasefire, ya know. Shalom