Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ceasefire Heat

Is the ceasefire good?

Our victory; real victory?  (see this in Hebrew; or maybe Hamas humiliation?)

Well, all the analysis is post-facto from the original intentions.

The problems were at the outset, and remain so now:

how come we weren't sufficiently prepared for the terror assault tunnels?  do we have an answer?

what about the mass exodus from the Gaza Strip envelop area?

how can we, with a blockade that will be lessened, even if infinitesimally, prevent further and more sophisticated rearming?

since the experience has been similar, at least twice before, that Hamas only strengthens its capabilities, do we have smart commando operations planned?

As for Abbas over Hamas, besides the rhyme, still bad news.  Qatar & Turkey still heavily invested.  US-front needs huge shoring up.


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