Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We're Always Guilty Or, That Delicate Imbalance

From the Conference Report - "The Jewish Experience of the First World War, London June 11-13, 2014" by Sharon Gordon

The third and final day of the conference opened in the Wiener Library with a panel on the experience of the war in Palestine.

Esther Yankelevitch (University of Haifa) discussed the relatively unknown expulsion of the Jews of Jaffa and Tel Aviv from their homes in the spring of 1917. She showed how the resettlement of these deportees to mixed cities, mainly in the Lower Galilee, eventually undermined the delicate balance between the Muslim and the Jewish population in these parts of the country.

So, the Turks or the expelled/displaced Jews are responsible for that delicate imbalance?

By the way, some 430 Jews died due to this explusion, a 19.3 rate of expiration.  Over 21% of those who died were of the age 10 and under. (Haaretz has a higher figure of expellees.

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