Friday, August 22, 2014

So, We Have No Option

Could't agree more:-

“Either we win or die,”

We have no option, then.

Al-Qassam spokesperson, Abu Obaida, vowed, in a televised speech broadcast Wednesday evening

“We inform you, Israelis, that you’ve lost the battle. Once again you proved that you are a herd of losers. After 45 days of fighting have elapsed…all that you’ve been able to do is to kill our women and children.”

“Abu Khaled (Deif) has dragged you to shelters exactly like a herd of scared rats. We will go on until we purify our land, our entire land, from the colonizers’ desecrating grips.”

...“We ask the Palestinian delegation to immediately withdraw from Cairo and to never return...“Israeli colonizers and the entire world have to recognize the true essence of our people’s demands...they insist on punishing us and cracking down on us whenever they wish and as much as they wish to. From now on no such things shall ever be tolerated.”

“Either we win or die,” they pledged.

There was also this there:

Al-Qassam Brigades warned Israeli settlers, living on the periphery of Gaza Strip, to stay away from their homes, calling on those who are forced to stay to keep to their shelters.

Those "settlers" are not those of us living beyond the Green Line.  Just so that you know: all Zionist residents are, in Hamas lingo, "settlers".


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