Monday, August 25, 2014

And Now, It's Reverted to A Garbage Dump

There are several versions of the recounting of how the Western Wall area became a garbage dump and how it was saved.

As recorded, " The women of  the new Roman city built over the ruins of Jerusalem were instructed, by Roman law, to take their garbage to the dump daily".

Sultan Selim is one hero.

In fact, many Jewish sites were turned into garbage dumps.

And now, it's happening again.

On the Temple Mount.

First, it was right next to the raised plafrom, to the east (above).

But now, they've move it a bit to the north:

Garbage is garbage.

It doesn't belong there.

If this is the way the Waqf 'administers' the iste, they should not be the direct administrative agent.

Mr. Netanyahu?  Mr. Bennett?


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Sammy Finkelman said...

There's another book called "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot" by Ernest L Martin, a Christian, published in 2000 much on the web now.

It's based mostly on literary sources and is very wordy and he uses some Christian as part of his proof (which however really makes no difference because the real point is that Christians were citing it later as a prophecy that had bene fulfilled.)

He says there have been 11 sites proposed for the temple, 4 of them off the mount, and the one off the mount that is Jewish is the right place. The basic point is there should be nothing remaining and the wall CANNOT be a remnant of the temple, Because it was all plowed up etc.

He says what the wall really is is the wall of fort Antonia, originally a Jewish fort, improved by Herod, that was the headquarters of the Romans from 6 CE to 289 CE when the 10th legion was moved to Eilat.

He does not really pinpoint when Jews made the mistake - which was after the Christians and the Modlems - but it would seem to be some time after the time of Saladin (if you discount Benjamin of Tudela and what does he say anyway?) and only dates to the Arizal.

I think first they lost the location and then accepted the western wall.

He says, or you can draw from him, that the Romans didn't build over the temple site because Hadrain and others did not want it to ever be built and they tried to make it unpalatable, and the Byzantines didn't build because they wanted the destroyed site to be living proof of a "propehcy" and the Moslems didn't build - well in the end Caliph Omar had a better idea. he built the Al Aksa mosque (which was built before the Dome, although originally only of wood)
in a position where Moslems would simulatenously be praying in ethe direction of Mecca and the Temple, and the center of it would be about 800 to 1000 feet south of the (southern) wall.

He says that Rabbi David Kimchi (that is some Jew alerted him to this) writes in his commentary to Isaiah 64:10 that Temple site was never built on by the nations.

And I myself found that Tosfos at
at V'Neelam at Shevuous 14b writes there is nobody to ask where the (Har Habayis) is. This was at a time when many French Rabbis had visited so this is epaking out of real experiece. has it been the temple mount you could just say where the wall is, where the Christians and the Moslems tell you.