Monday, August 11, 2014

Does Money Equal Anti-Semitism?

Suggested to me by Toby Willig, I tried to correlate the amount of money European countries donated to and invested in the Palestinian Authority and the multitude of NGOs supporting the most radical and even violent aspects of Palestinianism to the rise of anti-Semitism and racist hatred of Jews residing in those countries.

The figures I located at NGO-Monitor for Sweden, Norway, Spain, Ireland, the UK, Belgium, the EU as well as others would seem to be incomplete but a good start.

As for incidents of anti-Semitism and the character of such, whether violent or simply threatening, etc., resourced here, among other sites, is a difficult subject to analyze.

Nevertheless, as with any other research project, academic or otherwise, a presumption is postulated, data and statistics are gathered and then analyzed and eventually challenged rigorously.

I do think that the process

Step 1: Identify the Problem   
Step 2: Review the Literature
Step 3: Clarify the Problem
Step 4: Clearly Define Terms and Concepts
Step 5: Define the Specific Target
Step 6: Develop the Instrumentation Plan
Step 7: Collect Data
Step 8: Analyze the Data

or, in a graphic:

which consists of 

ongoing planning, searching, discovery, reflection, synthesis, revision, and learning, 

will lead to a conclusion that yes, indeed, the more money invested in "Palestinianism" results in more local anti-Semitism.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Or maybe that the more antisemitic people are, the more they are willing to invest.