Tuesday, August 12, 2014

He 'Scoffed'

Israel's Channel Two news interviews the Goldstone II panel chair, a Professor of International Law at Middlesex University in London, (in Hebrew).

"I will be fair in reaching conclusions"

is his message.

So, what is "fair"?

What did the man say as to that first Goldstone Report?

In answer to this question: "A report has been published by Professor Goldstone concerning the Gaza invasion and you have published some information on your blog about it too. What do you think about this report?", he replied,

Well, I am very supportive of the report. I know all of the people who were on the commission and have great respect for them, particularly Judge Goldstone, who is a very honorable man of great integrity...they have come up with a report that is not a judgment, but a finding that there is a likelihood serious crimes were committed by both sides in the conflict and that they should be dealt with by a justice system. [did that happen?  or was Hamas let off the hook while Israel was pilloried?]
...I think that in terms of war crimes, I agree with the findings of the report which make sense to me. But probably, as I say, on the overall scale of things, these are not the worst atrocities that have been committed. I think the reason why many people in the world are so upset about the atrocities in Gaza is not because of the bombardment of facilities in Gaza in January and in December of the last year but because of our unhappiness about the general political situation there. It is because the people of Palestine are still being denied their right of self-determination.
And so, we mix our dissatisfaction with the situation of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank where we have this terrible wall that has been built and the settlements which continue being built even if Obama has told Netanyahu to stop. And certainly all these are a violation of international law and absolutely unacceptable. So we mix the issues of self-determination with the very specific war crimes committed in December and January, which were obviously serious but are not on the same scale as the war crimes that are being committed in Afghanistan, or were committed in Sri Lanka, and so on.

At a seminar on "PALESTINE AND THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT" on 1 May 2013 at Garden Court Chambers, he

closed with asserting that under the Rome Statute it is a war crime to move civilians into settlements and therefore Israel would have a case to answer to the ICC. There is a hope that the Prosecutor will take it up, but ultimately politics will decide.

and at that seminar, he indicated that 

A further advantage of Palestine actually joining the [ICC] court is that they could themselves then nominate a prosecutor which has the potential to dramatically change their position

His positioning?

A Canadian law professor chosen to helm a United Nations commission examining possible war crimes in Gaza scoffed Monday at charges he's biased against Israel..."The suggestion that I'm anti-Israel is absurd,"..."Like everybody inside and outside Israel, I disagree with people. Is everyone in Israel who has an opinion about (Benjamin) Netanyahu anti-Israel?"


Jerusalem irate over anti-Israel UN war probe panel;  Israel calls panel a "kangaroo court."

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Shtrudel said...

I have a very strong suspicion that his definition of "fair"would be very different of that used by reasonable people...

In fact, I suspect it would be "fair" (at least in his mind) toward the "Palestinians"...