Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Temple Mount and the Tallit


That appears to me a Jewish man accompanying MK Moshe Feiglin this past Sunday and he is wearing a tallit, the ritual prayer shawl.

Now, that is news.

P.S.  Normally, all outward symbols of Jewishness with religious significance, except a kippah, are prohibited from view or use including tefillin, siddurim, etc.

Muslims can play soccer, though:

P.P.S.  A video clip of the travails of Jews at the Temple Mount. ^


Punditarian said...

Interesting photo. Not sure he is wearing a tallis - looks like those could be tzitzis from a tallis koton under his short - in other words, specifically Jewish dress, but for everyday wear, not a specific external garment for prayer.

galileesilks said...

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