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More Israeli Democracy - UPDATED

Mother of 4 from West Bank settlement arrested
Published: 10.21.09, 14:20 /

A mother of four from the West Bank settlement of Shvit Rachel was arrested Wednesday afternoon at the Tapuach Junction, while making her way to Petah Tikva for a court hearing on a matter involving her husband. A gag order has been placed on the husband's matter.

The woman was arrested by the security forces at around 12:30 pm. According to her associates, she was pulled out of the car without an order and her cell phone was taken away from her.



I have been informed that she was released already.

The Hebrew report mentioned that the infant she had been breastfeeding was taken from her and passed over to a neighbor.

And this:

Email sent out today Wednesday October 21st at 5:00pm Israel time

RT was released this afternoon at around 4:45pm. Thank you to the tens of people who protested RT's arrest by sending faxes and by making phone calls. Thank you to all those who came to the Petach Tikva police. No doubt that thanks to you R was released.

We must continue to protest the fact that R's husband Y has been _______ for the past two weeks without the right of seeing a lawyer. We must protest this blatant violation of basic human rights.

Let's remember that we are approaching the week of the "Rabin festival"...

Y has U.S. Citizenship and therefor we must also turn to all US contacts demanding they too protest the fact that a U.S. citizen is denied his legal rights.

Office of Police Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch Tel: 972-2-5429944 or Fax: 972-2-5428039 or email: The PM cabinet sec'y is Zvi Hauser. The fax is 02 563 2580. email:

With love for Israel,

Nadia Matar
Women in Green

And here is more background material via Nadia Matar:

Dear Friends,

...The story of what happened today to RT must alarm anyone who cares about basic human rights for Jews. Hopefully all of you will also add your voice and the authorities will understand that we will not accept such blatant violation of human rights against Jews.


Email sent out today, Wednesday, October 21st, at 2:30pm Israel time:

PROTEST THE ARREST OF RT, MOTHER OF 4 (oldest is 5 and youngest is 4 months old), RESIDENT OF SHVUT RACHEL

Women in Green strongly protest the arrest of RT, resident of Shvut Rachel, mother of 4 children (the oldest is 5 and the youngest is a nursing 4 month old baby), who was brutally kidnapped today by undercover policemen, who did not have the proper arrest papers. She was on her way to a hearing of her husband who has been arrested for the past two weeks without the right of seeing a lawyer.

This brutal arrest reminds us all of actions taken in third world countries. Clearly the Israeli police would never have dared to act like this against an Arab mother or a female left wing activist. Only because Rivka is a "settler" does the police feel it can act in such ways.

The time has come to stop once and for all the persecution and the trampling of basic human rights of the lovers of the land of Israel!

We call upon all to come to the Petach Tikva police station, where R is being held, and protest her inhumane arrest. You can also call the Petach Tikva police and ask why R was arrested and demand her immediate release. Tel: 972-3-9393444

We also call upon all to bombard with phones and faxes the office of the Police Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch. Tel: 972-2-5429944 or Fax: 972-2-5428039 or email: and send a copy to the Prime Minister: Fax 972-2-566-4838

The story:

Today, Wednesday, October 21st, at 12:30 pm, undercover policemen arrested RT, resident of Shvut Rachel, who was on her way to a hearing of her husband who has been _______ for the past two weeks without being allowed to see a lawyer. Police do not allow to divulge why her husband was _________.

R, mother of four, is a nursing mother - her baby is just four months old. R has been, for the past few hours, in the Petach Tikva police station, without her children. Petach Tikva police is at Shtemper street corner Wingate.

This is definitely a political arrest and persecution of lovers of Israel. No reason was given for R's arrest and she was arrested without a proper order.

It is inconceivable that in the State of Israel one arrests Jewish mothers without reason, without proper orders and abandon four children under the age of five, among them a nursing baby, with neighbors.

With love for Israel,

Nadia Matar
Women in Green

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