Friday, October 30, 2009

Does Hillary Look Like Someone's Bubbe?


Rebecca said...

I found that disturbing also - and I'm a supporter of the Obama administration. I don't think our secretary of state should have to wear the hijab - she's not a Muslim, she's representing the U.S. in an official capacity, and the U.S. government certainly don't require women to cover their hair in public.

YMedad said...

well, I would presume at a ceremony in a synagogue, the President, et al. would not be amiss if he wore a kippah although I would guess his wife wouldn't have to put on a hat. Most Jews even hareidim would know they are not Jewish and are not obligated to cover their female hair.

I would get upset if she went burkha though. A little head-covering needn't stir up hysteria as some rightwingers react.

I just put it up because it really did remind me of a bubbeh