Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bile - From Hannah Arendt to Howard Kaminsky

...and I also believe that Jews have created gentile hostility by demanding equal rights but refusing to surrender their ethnic integrity. Books have been written about this by a number of authors who are not overtly anti-Semitic – e.g. Kevin MacDonald and Albert Lindemann – and Arendt’s analysis of Jewish “responsibility” for anti-Semitism can hardly be dismissed as due to her “perverse world-view”, let alone her “combination of ira et studio [sic]”.

The above was contained in a letter that has appeared in The Times Literary Supplement signed by Howard M. Kaminsky of 6130 Ridge Lane, Ocean Ridge, Florida 33435.

The letter responded to Bernard Wasserstein’s Commentary on Hannah Arendt which appeared there in the October 9 issue when he accused her of “bile” in her treatment of everyone, but especially of “her own people” the Jews and his charges relating to Arendt’s use of Nazi authors and"her inadequate love of the Jewish people".

Kaminsky seems to be the author of A History of the Hussite Revolution. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1967 and is a retired faculty member, Emeritus, of the University of Chicago, where he taught in the fields of Medieval Europe. I managed to find one academic paper.

At the risk of being flippant, I guess one could suggest that

Kaminsky is an expert in the field of hussies.

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