Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beyonce, In Egypt? Ha!

The Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt is a political organization that once included Sayyid Qutb, the man who inspired Al-Qaeda. It was founded to promote Islamic law, oppress women etc. And now it wants to keep Beyonce out of Egypt!

Knowles is scheduled to perform her first ever concert in the land of fezes, camels carpets, pyramids and other obvious, slightly condescending cliches on November 6. Tickets for the show, at the Red Sea resort of Port Ghalib, are going for up to $400, according to a report on Al Arabiya.

But straight outta Cairo, a crazy Islamist MP named Hamdi Hassan, from a gang called The Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt, said he did not want no ho who appears nekkid in no goddamned videos up in his motherf***ing hood. (I can't speak Arabic, so I'm choosing to assume this is the way he originally phrased it.) He wants regulators to mount up and get her permission to perform revoked.



Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Yisrael for a country with the majorty livining under poverty line, and a great deal of youth suffering the dark maze of unemployment,....and other depressing issues, I think it's no way appropriate nor logical nor fair that a performer who was hardly known 5 years ago and do nothing related to art more than a sexy appearance and gestures, I see it's totaly unfair to make a show that cost 2000 LE for once person, with the common wages are still under 1000 LE/ month I can call this a robbery

Anonymous said...

you don't have to buy a ticket if you can't afford it.

Anonymous said...

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