Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wines from Shiloh and Benjamin Region

It's in Hebrew, but the pictures for those who don't understand are great in any case.

It is a clip, some five minutes long, from a TV news report on the wine grown and produced in Shiloh vineyards and others in the Benjamin Region.

Menachem Horowitz is the reporter and he first shows up at Givat Harel's vineyards and talks with Shibi Drori and then visits the Shiloh winery with its manager, continues on to the the Psagot winery and talks with Yaakov Berg and later, interviews Amnon Weiss, an owner of a wine-producing firm, and then talks with the owner of a very non-Kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv who sells the wine to his customers.

Nice shots of the hills I live in, the vineyards I see and even the wine I drink, when I can afford it.

Here's the clip.


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