Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pre-Planned Disruptions at Brandeis

Jonathan Sussman has some plans:

From: "Jonathan M. Sussman"
To: sds
Subject: Goldstone Forum Action Planning - Wed. @ 10!
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 15:32:19 -0400 (EDT)


As many of you know, Brandeis will be hosting a forum next Thursday, 11/5, to discuss the Goldstone Report, a report from the United Nations which determined that Israel used excessive force in its occupation of Gaza. Believe it or not, this was poorly received within the Zionist community.

Thus Brandeis is hosting a forum between the report's author, international jurist Richard Goldstone, and former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Dore Gold.

Many of us are concerned that this forum is inherently slanted, as it contrasts 'nuetral' [sic!] international opinion with a wildly pro-Zionist message, excluding voices from the Palestinian community. In light of this, activists across campus will be meeting this Wednesday, 10/28 @ 10 PM in the Village C Lounge to discuss a possible response. Possibilities include inviting Palestinian speakers to come participate, seeding the audience with people who can disrupt the Zionist narrative, protest, and direct action.

Please come and help us coordinate a response!

Fuck the occupation,


Jonathan, what can I say?

Oh, yeah, f*ck you.


Anonymous said...

authorities notified, thanks for letting us know.

~Brandeis Student

Anonymous said...

authorities defeated, thanks for snitching.
~Better Brandeis Student

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. You speak of the "occupation", but I'm not sure I follow your reasoning. Are you referring to the occupation that you and your Ashkenazi parents are inflicting on Native Americans? I can help you with this hypocritcal quandary. Every state has Native American Tribal Counsils. All you and your European family need to do is immediately deed your property to them. At this point you would now be free of the 800 pound gorilla that is the philosophical defect in your magniloquent screeds.
Give your land back Jon, then maybe you will have morality and honesty on your side.
Also, take a semester off and go out and do some real work. You might have a different perspective on the world and lose your knee jerk sycophantic lackey reaction to any "third world nationalistic movement".
Yours from occupied Iroquois Territory,

Stan Durkin

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