Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Leftwing/Liberal/Progressive Hypocrisy

The slogan "Jews Do Not Expel Jews" was adopted during the 2005 Disengagement activities.

It didn't work.

But those of the liberal/leftwing/progressive camp expanded have now adopted it, well, sort of.

The headline of this political advert reads:

"Jews Do Not Expel Children!"

The topic is the problem over illegal foreign workers.

There are thousands, it seems, of children born here and they are slated for expulsion together with their parents. The claim is that after living here all or most of their lives that to remove them to a 'foreign' environment would be harsh and inhuman.

One of my friends jokingly said, well, why not expel the parents and keep the kids. They claim to want to volunteer to the IDF anyway.

The ad is female. Just women. Nobel Prize winner Ada Yonat, Rayah Jaglom, Shulamit Aloni, Naomi Chazan, Daliah Rabin, Hadassah Ben-Itto, et al.

This is truly a humanitarian matter but one that is false. The law, too, must be upheld and not have lawbreakers rewarded.

But when other children were on the block to be kicked out of their homes and schools and now we know the peace didn't work and thier social welfare situation has been worsened. where are they for their fellow Jews.

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