Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MJ Rosenberg - Little Known Fact

In February 1969, MJ Rosenberg convened a student meeting at Albany State when he denounced "Nazi-like" tendencies in the university's administration and socialist student groups.

Really. At the founding meeting of the Hebrew Student Alliance.

Page two, top right. Here.

Today, MJ is Senior Fellow on Foreign Policy, Media Matters Action Network, (formerly?) of the Israel Policy Forum and as left(out) as possible.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the link to the newspaper - what a flavor of the late 1960s it furnished!

YMedad said...

Thanks for stopping by and I'll check you out. I remember well the Jewish Student newspaper group of 1968-1973, The Flame, Dawn, etc., and the radical Jewish activists at the time. Rafi Medoff has a book out that also relates to the subject.