Monday, October 26, 2009

I Definitely Would Not Want Her To Teach


One Rachel Whitwell. From New Zealand. Why?

Well, according to the Sydney Morning Herald she's a

New Zealand primary school teacher who appeared naked on Australian Penthouse's website [and] is being investigated by the New Zealand Teachers Council...Teachers council records confirm Whitwell is registered to teach until September 2011. She taught at Yendarra School in Otara, south Auckland, until a year ago when she left to spend time with her young daughter. She plans to return to teaching once her child is older.

Should she be allowed to teach once we know she's involved in porn?

Well, I won't decide that.

But I do have a negative opinion about her based though on this:

..."People will vouch I'm a really good teacher. "My ability to teach and have good relationships with students is not affected," she said. She was surprised at the controversy. "I didn't think that anyone from New Zealand would see them," she added.

Really? She didn't think the pictures would be seen?

Is she an idiot?

Idiots we don't need as teachers.

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