Friday, October 30, 2009

Boycott and Buycott

First, look who joined the boycott:

Fulfilling an earlier promise to crack down on goods brought into Palestine from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, PA customs officers confiscated more than a dozen tones of food and paper supplies Wednesday that they said was unfit for human use...Newly instated Palestinian Minister of Economy Hassan Abu Libdeh announced,,,

But the real reason was an internal Pal. one:

From Hebron, 25 tones of juice was confiscated from a warehouse. The products were destined for Gaza but did not receive permits and spoiled in the storage area. A local retailer bought the spoiled goods for sale in the West Bank, officials said.

...Customs officer Ghaleb Dewan said seizing the goods, both expired and settlement-made, was in accordance with a 2005 decision by the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) to prevent products manufactured in settlements from being sold in Palestinian markets.

And now this:

Buycott Israel is a joint project under the coordination of the Canada-Israel Committee. We aim to support Israel by encouraging the purchase of products and services from Israel. Purchasing Israeli-made merchandise is a great way to send a positive message. Buycott Israel will also help you combat boycott and/or divestment campaigns against Israel. We will alert you to BDS efforts and give you the tools to fight back.

and now also in the UKboyc:

It is the buycott versus the boycott — and it starts a week today.

The “buycott” is a call to Jews all over the country to buy as many Israeli products as they can.

The initiative has come from the Board of Deputies and the anti-boycott Fair Play Campaign to thwart a planned anti-Israel boycott against two major supermarket chains by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The PSC has asked its followers to boycott Waitrose and Morrisons between November 7 and 15 after it claimed that the firms had refused to discuss the issue of produce from West Bank settlements which they might stock.

In an email, the PSC called on its supporters to “deluge Morrisons and Waitrose with phone calls on November 11”, as well as organising demonstrations, writing letters and setting up leaflet stalls outside branches.

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