Monday, October 26, 2009

Let Him Try That On the Temple Mount

I'd like to see him try doing what he preaches on the Temple Mount:-

Christians 'should wear crosses'

A bishop is calling on Christians to wear crosses in public to demonstrate they "aren't going to disappear quietly from the market place". The Bishop of Lichfield, the Rt Rev Jonathan Gledhill said Christians should wear them at work and not be intimidated into putting them away.

He also criticised councils which tried to "rebrand Christmas" for fear of offending other religions. Such decisions were made out of "sheer ignorance," he said.

"Ethnic minorities are far more anxious about the rampant secularism and commercialism that erodes all Christian standards than they are about their host country properly celebrating its Christian foundations," he said.

A repeat of this might happen:-

Eusebius (Ecclesiastical History, 2:23) tells us that James the Just, brother of Jesus and pastor of the early Christian church in Jerusalem was martyred by being thrown down from the pinnacle of the temple mount. He survived the fall and was then stoned, praying for forgiveness for his persecutors as he died.

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