Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Temple Mount - Three Pics and One Map

Three pictures from the Sunday night assembly on behalf of Jewish rights to the Temple Mount:

a) Rosh Yeshiva Othniel HaRav Raam:

b) at the dias, MKS Tzipi Hotovely and Prof. Arieh Eldad:

c) general view:

and here is a map found amongst Arab sources used in cases of assaulting the Temple Mount and demonstrating within, including bottling themselves up inside buildings and/or attacking the police:


Rebecca said...

I don't know Arabic and thus can't read the captions - but this map just looks like it's labeling all of the entrances and buildings of the Temple Mount. Do you know what it's saying in Arabic?

YMedad said...

where I found it, it said it was found amongst documents of an organizing group that was protesting Jews ascending the Mount and was meant for Muslims as directions where to go, what to block and where to hold up.