Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jewish Community Service Message

Just received:-

The SF Jewish community has become infamous in the Jewish world as being in the vanguard of American Jews abandoning Israel. In Daniel Gordis' October 15th essay on the abandonment of Israel in the Jerusalem Post, he cites as a prime example the SF Jewish Federation's funding of the SF Jewish Film Festival that partners with extreme anti-Israel groups such as the JVP in an Israel-bashing event....The Federation has established no policy that would prevent it from again funding events such as the SF Jewish Film Festival's Corrie debacle (see video HERE) in the future.

Since the Film Festival still refuses to state that it will stop partnering with extreme anti-Israel organizations, this means Federation funds and endorsement given to the film festival will again support events held in conjunction with organizations that demonize Israel and advocate boycotts, divestment and sanctions against the Jewish State!

...No mainstream Jewish organization should fund events or organizations that demonize or defame Israel. Nor should it support organizations that collaborate with extremist anti-Israel groups that advocate boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

Please Take Action to Rectify the Situation!

The Jewish Federation is an institution important to our community and it is essential that it not support any events involving anti-Israel groups. We must speak up when the Federation misallocates our donations.

Please Contact:

* The San Francisco Jewish Community Federation:

Jim Koshland, President - jimk@sfjcf.org
Jennifer Gorovitz, Acting CEO - Jenniferg@sfjcf.org
Ruvim Braude, JCRC President - ruvim1@gmail.com
Rabbi Doug Kahn, Exec Dir JCRC - dkahn@jcrc.org

Please request that the above (and litap@sfjcf.org) forward your letter
to all the Federation and JCRC board members.

* The East Bay Jewish Federation:

Rabbi James Brandt CEO - James@jfed.org

Tell the Federation that:

* Your donations should never support these kinds of anti-Israel events.

* We can continue to donate to the Federation only when it adopts a policy which states that it will not support organizations or events that demonize Israel or that partner in their events with those who call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

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