Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Example of "Goldstoning": US Congress = Hamas

From an interview with Richard Goldstone by Bill Moyer:

BILL MOYERS: What did you see with your own eyes when you went there?

...RICHARD GOLDSTONE:....We had a look, for example, at the legislative assembly. Now the legislative assembly consists of members of Hamas in the majority, but also opposition parties. And certainly, as we understand international law, international humanitarian law, that to bomb the legislative assembly is unlawful. It's not a military target, it's a civilian target. I mean, to give an example closer to home, if the United States is at war it would be legitimate to bomb the Pentagon; I would suggest it would be illegitimate to bomb the Congress...


Jeremy said...

though his deranged understanding of hamas and terror organizations certainly shed light on his other positions.

yoni said...

a cheap shot.