Thursday, December 12, 2013

They Are Pushing Deviance Down

I found this in a response to Daniel Gordis's critique of the Conservative Movement of Judaism:

Many others, as Gordis has observed, defined deviance down, and thereby perpetuated and deepened the mediocrity that generally characterizes the movement (to say nothing of the rest of American Jewish life).

"Deviance down".

That is so fitting to what is being done to Zionism.

Almost as good as dumbing down.

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NormanF said...

Some Jews believe anything goes.

Which incidentally, happened to be a point of view rejected by the Maccabees.

YM would certainly agree if we all want to be one big happy family, let's all become good Muslims! Then we'll have permanent sulh.

But if maintaining Jewish identity is important, breaking bread with Israel's enemies will neither maintain Jewish coherence or bring about peace!

Dumbing down Zionism, indeed.