Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Netanyahu, So Stop the Next Release

I read this:

Following is an excerpt from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks, this morning to the 7th Galilee Conference in Tiberias:
"The essence of the difference between us and our neighbors may be seen in one picture. While we are prepared to take very painful steps in an effort to try and reach an agreement that would put an end to the conflict, they, along with their highest leadership, are celebrating. Murderers are not heroes. This is not how one educates for peace. Peace can exist only when the education toward incitement and the destruction of Israel stops. There will be peace only if our security interests and our communities are assured. Peace will be established only when we can defend ourselves by ourselves against any threat."

So, don't let any more go.

If the releases aren't assisting the peace process, why continue?

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