Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Sheer Lunacy of the Two-State Solution

The real reason it's called the Two-State Solution - one for Fatah, one for Hamas - and none for Israel:-

An unprecedented gathering of top Palestinian politicians and academics this week suggested that the split between Islamists and secular nationalists has hardened into permanence.  There was an overwhelming sense of a national movement in crisis at the conference in Qatar...The clear sentiment at the Doha conference was that Israeli-Palestinian talks, now in their fifth month, cannot succeed....The lack of a shared vision — the Islamic militant group depends on force and Fatah continues to negotiate — only deepens the sense of fragmentation, said participants.Other strategies are being tried, such as a push for an Israel boycott similar to the one that helped end apartheid in South Africa, but these are still in their early stages."Everyone says we have hit a dead end, but there is no alternative," said Ghassan Khatib, a former spokesman of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' self-rule government in the West Bank.



NormanF said...

Its a really a four state solution if you include Jordan.

The Arabs really prefer a five state solution that includes Israel.

No solution can succeed that pretends to ignore Hamas and Abu Bluff would be ruling over half a state!

That's why the differences among the Palestinian Arabs complicate the situation and that is why that makes peace in truth impossible.

Bij said...

Hi Mr Eldad,

I am a french Jew living in London for 10 years.
I read which much attention your blog since my cousin lives in Eleazar.
I heard you will be attending Limud end of December.

I won't be able to attend this time. Are you planning to stay in London for sometime?

I will enjoy meeting you as I have few questions I would like to ask.