Thursday, December 12, 2013

And Who Is An Occupier?

IMRA comes through again:

Final StatementThe thirty-fourth sessionOf the Supreme Council of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States
corresponding to December 11, 2013 AD
[Google translation]

Iranian occupation of the three islands of the United Arab Emirates :
29 . The Supreme Council renewed emphasis on rejection of the continued occupation by the Islamic Republic of Iran of the three islands , Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa, which belong to the United Arab Emiratesand stressed by all the previous data , and the Supreme Council reaffirmed in this regard to the following :
-  support the right of sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates over its three islands of Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa , and the territorial waters, airspace, continental shelf and exclusive economic zone of the three islands as an integral part of the United Arab Emirates .
- the grounds that any decisions or practices or acts carried out by Iran on the three islands are null and void and do not change anything of historical facts and the legal right to collect on the sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates over its three islands 
-  Invite the Islamic Republic of Iran to respond to the efforts of the United Arab Emirates to resolve the issue through direct negotiations or resorting to the International Court of Justice .

Oh, my?

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Anonymous said...

Now, let me see if I have this straight; Iran complain that a country it has no connection with can be subjected to its whims, but a country it is a neighbor of can be reduced at it's whim? I think all Arab nations may have a concern here; Iran wants its empire back!!!!