Sunday, December 08, 2013

Did The US Consulate Hear President Obama?

"...There are young people, teenagers that I met both in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories that want to get out from under this history and seek a future that is fundamentally different for them. And so if, in fact, we can create a pathway to peace, even if initially it’s restricted to the West Bank, if there is a model where young Palestinians in Gaza are looking and seeing that in the West Bank Palestinians are able to live in dignity, with self-determination, and suddenly their economy is booming and trade is taking place because they have created an environment in which Israel is confident about its security and a lot of the old barriers to commerce and educational exchange and all that has begun to break down..."
So, why doesn't the US Consulate in Jerusalem promote that approach now even before an official peace agreement?
Why no out-reach programs on non-political themes - environment, sport, music, culture, literature, science - that could serve as neutral common-ground meeting space that could promote decreasing mistrust while building-up coexistence and recognition?

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Anonymous said...

Because the Obama administration has always said one thing and done another. Actions speak louder than words.